Public timelock cryptographic service,
running on Gears aims to serve as a public platform that allows companies and individuals to encrypt data for future decryption with support for various cryptographic systems, including the most popular Elliptic curves.

Timelock is being developed by the Aragon ZK Research team using Gears, a COSMOS SDK written in Rust.

How it works

Choose your preferred cryptographic scheme and a future day (up to 10 years in advance) or hour (up to 2 years in advance) and obtain a public key. You can now encrypt your data and safely share it with others, knowing it can only be decrypted at the specified time in the future, when the corresponding private key will be published on


Our system reiles on the the well-known League of Entropy randomness beacon, In addition, a single honest party participating in the computation of the public key is enough to ensure that the private key cannot be uncovered ahead of time. In order to increase security even further, we will allow public participation during the private key preparation phase.

Use Cases

  • e-voting
  • time document release
  • trustless betting and auctions
  • escrow services
  • legal and compliance purposes

Development Timeline

Timelock Timeline

Call for Partners

If your organisation is interested in becoming a validator node for the project, please contact:

telegram: @alexkampa